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The True Sources

In order to nourish our souls sometimes we have to move to uncharted waters (emotionally, spiritually, and physically). It's brave and necessary and scary, especially for helpers, to go to those places where we can drink deeply and tend to our own wounds.

If we don't, we may find ourselves, after having poured out every last drop for others, drinking from gutters thinking it's a fountain.

But if you've found yourself, like me, in places you never thought you'd be, doing things you never thought you'd do, don't beat yourself up. There's nothing despicable or unholy about the desire and need to drink from nourishing waters.

It simply takes time, possibly a lifetime, to learn where to go to find the true sources and to summon the courage, once you've found them, to take in what you need in order to grow into who you are.

So don't be surprised at failure, yours or another's, and don't give in to shame, for without the failed attempts, you may have never come to recognize the truth and life of the true sources.

But when you've found the path that leads you to the true source, go, don't look back, and for God's sake don't let anyone else, whether family, friend, or foe, keep you from its promise.


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