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Author Talkback With Holocaust Survivor Michael Fryd

What an incredible honor to interview author and Holocaust survivor Michael Fryd about his new book: My Mother's War: A Tribute to an Extraordinary Woman.

My Mother’s War is a gripping memoir about a familiy's harrowing escape through the killing fields of Poland, to Paris, and finally to New York. This compelling true story follows Fryd's larger-than-life mother who outsmarted the Nazis and saved her family.

Michael Fryd was only three years old when Nazi Germany invaded Poland, triggering World War II and one of humanity’s darkest chapters. Forced to leave their home and everything they knew, Fryd's mother went to near impossible lengths to keep her family safe from Hitler’s clutches, including crafting clever lies, dealing in the black market, and even flirting with the enemy.

Michael's message of courage and hope in the face of horrific evil is more relevant today than ever.


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