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16 Resolutions for 2016

A new year means new opportunities for transformation. As you make resolutions we hope you will find tangible ways to live out love for God and love for people where God has planted you. Here are 16 ways you can resolve to let love win in the new year.

1. Write a blog about a topic you are passionate about (send it to us so we can feature it on our blog)

2. Get involved in local, State and federal politics by staying informed, voting, and lobbying for the marginalized.

3. Ride your bike or take public transportation at least once a week.

4. Host a hospitality dinner at your house and invite the kinds of people Jesus would invite.

5. Don’t stay silent when you hear about incidents of racial injustice.

6. Explore your own culture: the joys and struggles.

7. Get to know another culture.

8. Read a book. When you’re done… read another one.

9. Get your news from several sources to have a more balanced view.

10. Be a consistent volunteer at an organization you believe in.

11. Meet regularly with a group of friends with the purpose of building authentic community and support each other in your faith.

12. Try out a new prayer practice.

13. Be creative. Create something out of recycled materials.

14. Pull money together with your friends and give out a micro-loan or scholarship.

15. Watch one documentary a month. Invite others to watch with you and discuss.

16. Support local artists, musicians, businesses over big box corporations whenever possible.


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