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God is in the City is an inspiring collection of stories that will transform the way you see God and the city. While poverty, violence, and injustice abound in America’s urban areas, Shawn shows us there is also deep faith, authentic community, and courageous struggle. Whereas, the city is often viewed negatively in the media and in the church, Shawn shows us how the city is a sacrament capable of transforming us. Enter into the beauty and struggle of the city to see where God’s promise and purpose are breaking through in messy, mundane, and miraculous moments of life.


God’s Graffiti Devotional: From Prayers to Purpose is filled with stories of redemption. In God’s Graffiti Devotional, a diverse group of authors, including Mission Year Executive Director Shawn Casselberry, have worked together to create meaningful daily inspirations. Each day is designed to reinforce God’s redemptive power and equip you to live into the truth; to know that there is purpose beyond pain, destiny in disappointment, and a masterpiece underneath the mess. The authors want you to know that no matter what you have been through in life, you are more than a conqueror, “You are God’s graffiti. You’re God’s work of art.”


Rogue Priest is a progressive Christian fiction book about a priest who does wrong for all the right reasons. Father James Wright, a fiery justice-minded priest, causes trouble with city, church, and gang leaders as he attempts to be an ally for his community. While coming up against forces of violence and corruption, he must also confront his broken past, including family baggage and a former love interest. Through a series of unexpected events, Father Wright's world is turned upside down and he must reconcile his faith with the reality of human tragedy. The book tackles topics of faith and doubt, race and power, justice and hope with the city of Chicago as the backdrop. This exciting and unconventional story of heartache and hope, compels the reader to wrestle with deep questions and feel the full range of human emotions.


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